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“You need to think outside the box”

It was the Managing Director of DSV Lithuania who asked 23-year old Dovile Rikliute if she wanted to be a trainee at Young DSV. Dovile was already studying for a Bachelor in Transport and Logistics so she knew it would be a lot of work - but she could not say no.

Why did you choose Young DSV?

I was studying for my Bachelor in Transport and Logistics and working as a student in DSV when the managing director in Lithuania asked if I wanted to be a trainee in Young DSV. Since I was still studying at the university, I was hesitant but I felt it was an opportunity I could not let go. I have not regretted my choice whatsoever. It has been hard work to do both but I love what I do.

What is the best part of Young DSV?

The best part of Young DSV is that you get to meet so many people from DSV all over Europe. The other trainees are from many different countries. For the theoretical modules, we meet up at the DSV Headquarters in Denmark for classroom lessons. During this time together we get to know each other and exchange ideas and knowledge from our different departments and countries. It is very rewarding both on a personal and professional level.

I also really like how the programme combines the practical aspect of freight forwarding - you get to work as a freight forwarder almost from day one – with theoretical lessons to understand the theory behind what makes a successful freight forwarder.

What does it take to be a freight forwarder?

Being a freight forwarder means you have to think outside of the box and find new solutions to the complex problems that constantly arise when you work with logistics. Besides mathematics and finance, freight forwarding is also a people business, as you have to talk and email with hauliers and customers all the time. It is a great advantage if you find transportation and trucks interesting – personally, I get very excited when a transport is completed successfully and profitable and I see all the unloaded trucks back in the warehouse.